I saw Kelly and dragged Alex over to meet her.

"Kelly, this is Alex, my roomie."

"Nice to meet you Alex." She was Russian, and her accent startled Alex for a second.

"Um, hi Kelly."

"You like the party?"

"It's not really my scene." Alex said, smiling at Kelly. I got distracted by the girl on the pole closest to me, who was beckoning in my direction. I shook my head smiling.

"I'm going to get you both drinks." I said, and left to the drinks stand. I saw Tina standing there. "Hey, Tina. Nice party."

"Thanks, I thought I'd get things started with a bang."

"Well you certainly have achieved that." I grabbed three drinks and went back to Kelly and Alex. "Here you go!"

"Thank you." Alex was looking around, obviously nervous about the whole thing.

"Hey, cheer up Alex. Have some fun, relax."

"This isn't really the sort of thing I'm used to."

"I can tell." I grinned and took her hand. "Come on, once you start dancing you'll be fine." I lead her to the edge of the area where people where dancing, Kelly following, and paused. I turned to face her and began to dance, swivelling my hips. I took off my jacket and threw it over on to a pile of coats. Kelly came over and began dancing with me, and Alex hung back nervous. I took her hand and pulled her between Kelly and I. Kelly grinned and took Alex's arms, putting them over her head.

"Let's dance!" She giggled, and Alex soon was moving her hips too. She spun round and faced me grinning.

"You're right, this is fun!"

"Told you!" I grinned and felt Kelly grabbing my hands to dance. I grinned and made sure Alex was included. I didn't want to leave her out.

The End

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