After having a pleasent lunch break with Will, we both set off for our last class of the day together since he had this on his schedule too. This class was amazing and Mrs. Parkinson was an awesome lecturer. I found myself having lots of fun in the last two hours of class. 

Once the lecture was over, I gathered up my belongings and Will and I walked together to the residence. It was a quiet walk and I didn't mind the silence. Before long, I was back in my room.  

"Hey Alex," Will murmured, turning around to look at me from her position on the bed.

"Hey. How was class?" I asked, setting my things down and then sitting down on my chair.

"It was cool. Creative writing was awesome." She grinned at me and I smiled back.

"So...Tina's holding a party. She's invited both of us and it's going to start in about two hours. Are you coming?" She asked.

A party hmm...well I've never been much of a party girl but this would be a great opportunity to get to meet new people and make a little more friends. So why not?


The music was extremely loud as Will and I entered the house where the party was being held. It was out of the university campus and I was a bit nervous as to whether we'd be able to make it back in time so we'd get good sleep for tommorow's lessons.

"Wow...this sure is...a good party," I said into Will's ear. She nodded and took hold of my hand, leading me through the large masses of people. I noticed that already, most of them were drunk and doing pretty wild things like dancing with a pole or making out with the first person they see. Oh Tina...what kind of a party is this? Surely not the kind I'd like to be in.

"So uhh...what are we going to do?" I yelled at Will, seeing as we were standing right in front of the booming speakers.

"Let's try to have fun!" She yelled back.

"And how exactly would we do that?"

Will rolled her eyes at me and we both decided to set off on a hunt to find Tina, or at least someone who we were familiar with.

The End

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