Easy dayMature

I woke up to see Alex had already gone. I yawned, ruffled my hair and showered. Then I slipped in to my combat trousers, my boots and my loose white top. I grabbed a jacket and went for breakfast. Tina was there, so we chatted about classes. Then she invited Alex and I to the party she'd arranged tonight. I said we'd go, and then had to rush to my first lecture.

I sat enthralled by the amazing freedom we had in my creative writing course. To just be able to write and write and not have to do anything but, this was the reason I had picked the course. It was perfect for me. The girl sat next to me, Kelly, chatted with me, and we decided to share notes and go through our writing with each other. She was cool, and I invited her along to the party tonight. She accepted and we agreed she should come to Alex and my room before.

I had no more lessons that day, so I headed out to explore. Luckily I had my camera with me, so I went to the park and took photos of intwining branches and flowers. When the light started to fade I realised I hadn't eaten, so I headed to a nearby bakery and bought a sandwhich and a drink of orange juice, then went to sit by the river to eat.

When I'd finished, I headed back to my room to get ready for the party. I texted Alice with a singular kiss, and then unlocked the door. I took of my shoes and collapsed on the bed.

I was looking through the pictures I'd taken when the door opened and Alex came in.

The End

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