First DayMature

I woke up the next morning at around seven. My first class started at eight thirty and since the building where it was being held was quite far from here, it would take a while to get there. Quickly putting an end to the beeping sounds that were coming out my clock, I crawled off my bed quietly so as not to wake up Will who was sound asleep on her bed.

After taking a quick shower and getting ready, I took my set of keys from my study table and left the room, shutting the door with a soft click. With a sigh, I started on my way to class.

The rest of the day went quite fast. I was too caught up trying to understand what all the proffessors were saying while typing up the notes in my laptop. I'd made several new friends who were willing to give me all the notes on the lectures I'd missed on and that was great.

My last class was Psych-119 as it said on my schedule but I had three hours to kill before it began. Deciding to grab a quick bite at a restaurant, I headed for the first one I saw - Chinese.

The smell of the food made my mouth water literally but the starving sensation that was eating me inside was ignored when I noticed who else was in the restaurant. Just as I made a bee line for the exit, he called my name.

"Alexandra! Over here!"

Composing my face so I wasn't grimacing anymore, I turned around and smiled at Will - the stranger who'd kissed me last night.

"Oh hi! I didn't notice you were here! I was just leaving," I said, standing in front of his table.

"Were you?" He mused. I smiled weakly when he took hold of my hand and pulled me down to sit next to him. "Or were you just trying to avoid me?"

"Err...look...about last night-"

"Yeah I know, this is the part where you end up dumping me and yadayadayada but look, we're just friends now, okay? That's what you were coming to right?"

I nodded, staring at him.

"Well, let's save the speech that you were about to say and all the misery that I was supposed to endure and have a good lunch. I know you're starving anyways."

He grinned at me and I couldn't help but smile back. Will is easy to get along with and when he said we were both just friends now, I believed him.

The End

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