Meeting Will #2Mature

After Will had left, I leaned back against my bed and stared at the empty space in front of me, reflecting back to the last hour with her. When she had turned her back to me at that moment, the guilt hit me like lightning. I'd felt horrible for what I'd said and that's the reason why I ran after her. At least things had gone alright.

Then why did I feel so dejected right now? After showing me her photos, I was at awe and what she was capable of. Her photography was amazing! I especially loved the black and white ones cause they had a touch of reality mixed within them. But when she started showing me the ones of her girlfriend, I felt like I was going to puke.

Don't take me wrong; her girlfriend's not deliciously hideous or anything - though I wish she was. Her girlfriend was amazingly beautiful and that's what made me envy her. The distaste that hit me made me feel like a criminal. I'd never hated this one so much, especially someone who I'd never met.

With a sigh, I slid off my bed and decided to explore the campus. I'd only just arrived and was a couple of days late as to when all the students were originally supposed to be on campus but I'd missed the opening ceremony and the first week of class. I was going to have to find someone who was taking the same course as me and would be willing to lend me their notes.

The university was the size of a city. It had the southern, northern, western and eastern campus; each one with its own residences and restaurants along the way. They even had apartment blocks within the university which I found quite amazing. This certainly was going to be a nice experience.  

I stopped at a small shop called "Chucky's Donuts". I always loved donuts so I joined the long queue which moved surprisingly fast. After buying a chocolate large donut, I started walking back to my residence block when I bumped into someone. I'd been taking a munch out of my snack so I hadn't noticed the person in front of me. Whoever had taken the pleasure of walking into me had also done the job of pushing me to the ground. My donut fell and I knew I won't be taking another bite out of it now. Grr...


I looked up at the boy in front of me and smiled. "It's okay. I could just buy another donut anyways."

He grinned at the childish look that must've crossed my face at the thought of what I'd just said and helped me up.

"I'm William," he said, shaking my hand a little too heartily. "But you call me Will."

I laughed. Great. Another Will.

"I'm Alexandra. Call me Alex though."

We both walked together to the donut shop and then back to the residence. Apparently he lived on the same floor as me but we'd never met. Will was going into Psychology too and that was perfect since he had all the notes I'd need. We hung out together for the rest of the day and I'd completely forgotten about Will-ow. But she said she'd be out for ages anyway, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

When he took me back to my room, he had a dopey grin on his face and I couldn't help but ask what was up with that.

"Well...this was kind of a date wasn't it?" He asked.

"Don't get your hopes too high darling," I teased him, sticking my tongue out before turning back to open the door to my room. But he pulled me back against his body and before I knew it, his lips were on mine. I stood there like an idiot, unresponsive. And when he parted away from me, he winked at me and said, "I won't, darling."

A little dazed, I opened the door to my room and walked toward my bed, collapsing on it. What in the world had just happened? I just only met him and he kissed me. That's just a bit...freaky. Whirling off in my thoughts I didn't noticed the room door open until I heard someone clear their throat. I sat up and saw Will looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

"Was that your boyfriend?" She asked me.

"Err...who?" My head was still in the clouds.

"The guy who just kissed you."

", not really. I just met him." Then with another sigh, I added, "You saw?"

"Yeah, from the elevator." She moved to sit on her bed and I sighed again. My roommate didn't sound angry but her voice was a little concerned when she said, "You shouldn't just go around kissing guys you don't know. One of my friends got pregnant because of her carelessness."

"You don't get it. I didn't kiss him, he kissed me. It doesn't matter anyways. I'm going to go to bed."

"Yeah, me too."

Getting up, I grabbed some PJ's from my closet and went into the bathroom to get dressed. Halfway through it, I heard Will's voice through the bathroom door. "Hey Alex, you mind having an extra roomie during the weekend? My girlfriend wants to visit."

I paused for a short while, thinking over it but it's not like I could say no right? "No, that's fine."

I walked out the bathroom, fully dressed and ready for sleep but I covered my eyes when I saw Will undressing.

"You can look now." Will said and I dropped my hands, acting as if I hadn't just seen her in her bra. Oh well. After turning off all the lights and both of us were tucked under our covers, I started thinking about the upcoming weekend. So Will's girlfriend was going to show up. Wonder what was going to happen now...

The End

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