Oh. Right.Mature

"Oh, right. Right, well I guess it would be weird." I started walking off.

"No, wait!"

"What?" Alex caught up with me, and looked apologetic.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. It's just, sharing a room with someone who likes women is a little bit...strange if you're not used to it."

"Huh." I wasn't too sure, but I let myself smile at her. "Look, don't worry. I get how strange it must be for you. But I have a girlfriend, who I am totally commited to. I'm not going to watch while you get dressed or anything."

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I was just being...stupid."

"Nah, it's natural for you to react like that. Tell you what, when you get changed you can go in the bathroom, and we'll be fine."

"Ok." We went back to the room and sat on our respective beds. I put one earphone in and began unpacking my camera. Alex watched with interest.

"You take photos?"

"Yeah, I've always loved photography. Do you want to check out some of my photos? My proper ones I mean, not the ones behind me."

"Yeah sure." I pulled my folder out, happy to see she was interested. I'd always loved taking photos, and to earn money I'd begun to take them professionally. I went and sat on her bed, and showed her my black and white collection. I love taking photos in black and white, I think it looks amazing. We leafed through together, past photos of roses, of horses, dogs and cats, and finally past a few of models.

"These are amazing." She was intrigued, staring at a photo of a woman lying on a bed, a thin white sheet covering the necessary areas. "Who is this?"

"A woman who wanted some photos doing to advertise herself as a life model. I made money from photos, loads of people want them in the city. I'm hoping people here do to, so I can get some money for myself."

"I would love to have mine done."

"I'd do it free for you. My present as your roomie. You'll have to wait until all my lights arrive though. They've promised I can have one of the empty studios to take photos in. Sort of like a side course, but without getting credentials at the end."

"That's really amazing. Thank you."

"No problem. Oh here, check out this. My girlfriend did some modelling for me." We looked at my favourite pictures; my girlfriend is very photogenic, and with a little eyeliner her eyes were amazing. She'd dressed up  in several outfits and we'd taken pictures everywhere. My favourite was the one we were on now, where Alice was wearing jeans and a waistcoat, posing against a wall in a very serious and sexy position.

"She really pretty."

"Yeah, she is isn't she?"

"So do you know if there are any parties tonight?"

" I don't know. I was thinking about going for a walk tonight, so you don't have to wait up, I can get really distracted. I could be ages."

The End

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