Tina, Robbie and Jack were awfully friendly and they were arguing about some event that had occured in a party they held in the residence, something about a girl and some cake and things I really couldn't concentrate on.

My mind was totally focused on what had happened a few minutes ago. I was totally embarassed by my behavior and what effect it might have had on Will but she seemed okay about it...I think. And the strange thing was...right now, I wished I was back in that room with her. A flash of romantic images went through my head before I thought better of myself and shook them out.

"I uhh..." Everyone looked at me, waiting for me to finish. Clearing my throat twice, I continued, "I need to get a breath of fresh air. See you guys in a few."

Then quickly, I got up and walked out the kitchen, heading toward the elevator. Just as I'd pressed the G button and the door was closing, it reopened - showing Will in front of me.

"Mind if I tag along?"

I shook my head no but as she entered the elevator and the door closed in front of me, I started feeling a bit claustrophobic.

"You okay? You looked a little weirded out back there." Will asked but I didn't dare look her way.

"I'm fine," I said back, my voice sounding a little breathless.

The moment the elevator doors opened back up again, I started running like crazy. My lungs felt like they were going to explode; not because of all the running but because of the claustrophobia I'd felt back there. I wasn't trying to avoid Will either, just trying to shake all the strange feelings I had experienced. Then why did I panic when I heard her running behind me?

"You know you can't outrun me. I'm pretty fit too!"

I stopped after a while, leaning back against the metal pole and breathing in and out loudly. She watched me with an eyebrow raised.

"What's up with you?"

"This-is just-different," I whispered between pants.

"What is?"

All the feelings-I'm-I'm having towards you, I was about to say that but I caught my tongue. Instead, what I blurted sound a little rude, even for Alexandra Rivera to say. "Being roommates with a lesbian." Damn, I should have just said the truth.

The End

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