A Little PresentMature

Will seemed pretty cool. She was pleasent and friendly and that came as a relief to me since it hinted that we would be getting along just fine. I noticed that on her side of the room were pictures of Paramore and a couple of her friends and herself. I found it interesting when I read the one saying "Some people are gay, deal with it". Did that mean she was a lesbian?

"I love what you've done with your wall. All the photos and everything." I tore my eyes away from the one in the middle, the one with her and who I assumed to be was her girlfriend. "So what course are you on?" I asked, trying to change the subject into something more interesting.

"English and creative writing. I want to be a writer. You?"

"Psychology. Hoping to be a therapist in the future," I said with a grin. She grinned back at me.

"So who's that?" I asked, pointing to the picture of her and the pretty girl. The inevitable question was asked and I was curious to know more about Will anyways.

"That's my girlfriend," she said, a prideful tone in her voice but then she paused and looked at me, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, not at all." I said with a nervous laugh. So she really is a lesbian. I had nothing against them but this was going to be a little awkward considering the fact that I'm straight. Well I'm still exploring my sexuality so I wasn't sure about that. Hmm...

"Well that's good. At least we're off to a good start," she muttered, laying back on her bed.

I nodded and collapsed on my bed after I'd done arranging all my clothes. But then I remembered.

"Hey Will! I got a little something for you!" I said, jumping off my bed and laying my suitcase on the ground, opening it.

"For me?" She asked, a quizzical expression crossing her face.

"Yep you. You know, as a little welcoming present and all that." A sheepish grin made its way to my face as I handed her the gold necklace. It had a little marble stone on the bottom on which was engraved the words "Alex's Roomie".

"G-gold? Don't you think that's a little too expensive?" Will stuttered, staring at the necklace she was holding in her hand.

"Nahh, its no big deal."

I sat across her on her bed, taking the necklace from her and leaning over to adjust it behind her neck. A few strands of her hair tickled me and the scent of fresh strawberries filled me and I breathed in deeply. I leaned in further and the next minute, crashed right onto her, both of us falling onto the bed with me on top of her.

Well that's just great.

The End

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