When someone throws themself on you, your general reaction is to be surprised. It's not like you can help it, you're obviously going to be surprised. So as my roomie looked me up and down, I stood trying to speak. So I looked at her as well. In front of me was a girl who was slightly shorter than me, with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. And she was obviously slightly crazy. She sort of reminded me of Alice, my girlfriend. I grinned at her.

"Um, hey." I said, offering my hand for her to shake, "I'm Will."

"Will?" She asked as she shook my hand then reached down to pick up one of her bags. I picked up the other one and layed it on her bed.

"Willow. I prefer Will though."

"Cool, I'm Alexandra, but I like Alex."

"Awesome." I took in her dress and her pumps as she opened her suitcase. Out tumbled more girly things. Hmm. I crossed back over to my bed and lay on it, watching as she unpacked. "I hope you don't mind I took this side."

"No that's fine. I'm not bothered to be honest."

There was a silence for a moment while she put her clothes away. Then she spoke.

"I love what you've done with your wall. All the photo's and everything." She came across and peered at some of them. "So what course are you on?"

"English and creative writing. I want to be a writer. You?"

The End

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