Home Sweet HomeMature

The journey to come here had been short; one hour by flight and another thirty minutes by the train. Saying farewell to my family hadn't exactly happened as I'd imagined due to the fact that my mom flooded the house with her tears. My brother had left to university just a year ago and now she had to say goodbye to me too and being a single parent, that was tough for her. 

But her new list of boyfriends would help her out. Having a single mom was kind of a pain for me too considering the fact that my mom was never actually 'single' and had a parade of guys waiting to pin a corsage on her and growing up in that kind of environment had kind of ticked me off.

With a sigh, I paused before my room door, contemplating to myself. Alright Alex, forget about the past. You're here to live your future.

With that last thought, I knocked on the door. I'd totally forgotten that I'd have a roomie but I was reminded in the reception and since then, I was feeling extra-excited about meeting her. A grin made its way to my face when the door opened and I threw myself at the girl in front of me, hugging her.

"Hiya roomie! Nice to meet you!"

My crazy side was on and I hope that wasn't going to be a problem to the girl standing in front of me. I had a good look of her once I stepped back. The first thing I noticed was that she was taller then me. I'd always been short for my age so that didn't exactly come as a surprise. Her flaming red hair went along with her emerald orbs as she stared at me, a surprised expression on her face. Here come the introductions.

The End

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