Out of LuckMature

I left the hall, my head drooping. Nertial said that Jay should have been there, but it seemed it wasn't after all the trouble his mother went to to let me perform at the Upper Realm palace. 

But as I departed from the room, a name was chimed by the Queen. A name which made my heart thunder in my chest, a name which made me go weak at the knee's with relief.

'Oh, Prince Jasperillian, you must tell that story about how you tricked your way into the human castle and made of with the crown jewels!' 

I whirled around to face the door as Jay began to spell out his far-fetched story, 'Jay!' I cried out in the voice that was not mine. 

He looked up at me, the tiny golden bard, with wide eyes and a mouth shaped like an 'o'. 

'Na-' His voice was cut off by the doors slamming in my face. I screamed with fury and pounded my fists against the doors, I heard Jay's frantic yells behind the colossal 

'No! Jay! Jay!' I bellowed, my voice reverberating  

He was here. I was a bard in the palace where Jay was living. But I was never going to get him whilst the Queen was around. She looked awfully clingy and that made my heart wrench and stomach flip, though I don't know why. 

I breathed out, trying to control the floodgates which had previously opened and I did so successfully. I, once again with no avail, ran my hands through my ankle-length hair. 

'You're the new bard?' A heavily accented voice asked behind me, it sounded Arabian, but French.  American, yet Norwegian.  It was one of those types of accents which you'd never be able to place no matter how hard you tried.  

I turned around and found myself face-to-face with a quite, quite beautiful boy. He was skin the colour of the best country fudge, dark blonde hair which was alike to mine in length, except it was pulled back into a trailing pony tail which hung at the back of his head. The beautiful boy was wearing clothes which reminded me of what I'd see in "Aladin". Deep purple, satin shorts and waist coat with no shirt underneath all trimmed with a shining gold fabric. 

I stood in awe of him for a while before nodding, my hair bobbing up and down in a wave-like motion as I did so. 

Who was he?

The End

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