Courtly LuckMature

Time went by quickly, it seemed.

After that first meeting, the queen called me to her table frequently, I was given a room in the royal palace, the twins provided me with clothes and advice and I slowly got the hang of things. The food was always wonderful, but never quite identifiable. I learned the mannerisms of the Upper Realm and was told to imitate them as frequently as possible. In short, I managed to get used to this strange place.

One night though, it felt like weeks after I'd gotten here, something seemed off about the performers at the banquet. The queen was initiating a new bard, this one was a petite girl with very very long golden hair and electric green eyes. She began to play a lyre and sing something in a strange language. At first, I watched with polite interest, eating and making small, polite remarks to the queen and nobles I sat near. Then I became entranced.

The girl seemed familiar, though I had never seen anything like her description at all. She was from the middle realm, it was obvious with her downward pointing ears. She sang and played for a little while, then bowed and retreated. I watched her leave, still trying to figure out why I'd recognized her.

"Oh, Prince Jasperilian, you must tell that story about how you tricked your way into the human castle and made off with the crown jewels." The queen said, catching my attention again, all the other ladies of the court looked at me, smiling expectantly. I launched into the telling of a story I'd made up ages ago to entertain these people, I'd told it so many times, I was beginning to believe it myself.

"It was a dark, and rainy night..."

The End

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