No LuckMature

I woke with a start as someone wafted a disgusting smell underneath my nose. 

'Jay...' I groaned, 'where's Jay?'

'He's not here. I told you, he's courting the Queen 'cause he's the prince of the Upper Realm.' Nertial's voice explained. I sat up and look at him with wide eyes. 

'Courting? Like, polite seduction courting?' I asked, 'Jay's going to marry a queen?' 

'Yes. We need to prevent this from happening though. The Upper Realm will just become more powerful if she marries this boy "Jay". We have also received word that he has been given the name "Jasperilian".' 

I was on the bed with the floating canopy again, tucked tightly under the thick, white quilt. Nertial was sat cross-legged on the end of the bed. I looked at my hands, twisting them around each other.

'Do you think that they will get married?' I asked. This situation was awful. I wanted to say it was a dream, like in films and in stories. But both my heart and brain knew this was reality. 

I tried to run a hand through my ridiculously long hair, but my arm ached with the train of trying to reach it's tips so I yanked my long fingers out of the silky mass. 

'I don't know. I don't intend to marry any of the women courting me.' He shrugged, 'maybe she feels the same way.' 

'Who do you want to marry?' I asked curiously. 

'No one in particular .' Nertial lied obviously. 

I still felt dazed, and a little scared. I'd just have to play along with this whole thing until I can find Jay and get out of here. 

The End

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