The King of Good LuckMature

I was frog-marched down the hall as the twins kept chattering.

"Now remember to show the proper respect, she is the queen" Cara said

"Bow low to her, then stand, never sit unless the queen says." Flora added. I nodded, storing that in my memory.

"You are here to become the queens suitor, to compete with other princes for her hand in marriage." Said Cara.

"So you want to have a speech prepared." I gulped, suddenly nervous, I'd never been good at public speaking.

"Here, before you go in, drink this, it will give you strength." Cara held up a small goblet of a liquid that sort of shimmered and was silver in color. I did I what I was told; the liquid was the sweetest, most refreshing thing I'd ever tasted, I didnt know how to discribe it. Heat flooded my veins, and followed by a cool sensation, until I was back to normal temperature. I now felt confident, and proud, I was a prince of the upper realm. Suddenly I knew exactly what to say.

We stopped at a large double door, the twins pushed it open for me, and I was confronted by a crowd of people, all looking at this newcomer.

"Presenting Prince Jasperilian, of the Upper Realm." Said a voice from nowhere.

"Your majesty." I said, walking straight up to the lady sitting in a guilt throne. "I've traveled far, to ask for your hand." I knelt, bowing my head. "I would like to court you, your majesty." I wasnt sure if I really liked the idea of dating a queen. I mean, I still liked Nat, and would rather date her than a stranger, but, I was doing what I was told, besides, chances are, other princes, real princes, would catch her attention more, then I would be free to find Nat and get out of here.

The End

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