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"Take care of me?" I asked, confused and climbing out of the big bed. The first lady quickly be

"Yes." The beautiful ladies both replied.

"Only the best for a prince of the upper realm." Said the second lady, holding a pale blue shirt to my chest. She nodded and glided away. Neither of them seemed to touch the ground.

"I'm not a prince." I protested. "I'm from America, we dont have-" The first lady put an ivory finger to my lips, focuzing those big dark eyes on mine again.

"Hush, Jay Carter." She said, "When we are done with you, you will be." I nodded, unable to speak.

"He will need a new name before we present him to the Queen." The second lady came back, holding a set of clothes, which she handed me and gently pushed me behind a changing screen. I hurried into the clothes (The pale blue button-down shirt, some loose pants, cream colored, a dark blue vest and black boots, comfy enough to wear without socks)  while they talked. "Jay is such a common name."

"I quite like Jasperilian" Said the first lady.

"You always come up with such mouthfuls Flora." Said the second lady. "The humans can barely pronounce them. I say something more Elfin, we can use that as an excuse for his behavior."

"What's wrong with my behavior?" I asked, poking my head out from behind the curtain. The two didnt even react. Looked like I wasnt gonna have much of a say in what my name was gonna be either. I'd rather stick to Jay, since it was at the moment, the only part of me I recognized.

"But Cara," said Flora. "Elfin names all start with E, its so boring."

"What about Arthur then?" Said Cara . "After the human king."

"Oh, he is nice." Flora responded. "But, that doesnt suit him."

"You are right. Hmm, I quite like Jasper, like the gemstone."

"Or Julian, a good king's name."

"I know!" The two said at the same time. "Jasperilian." I was getting the idea that they were twins. And if every argument between them was gonna be like this, I might as well go with the first thing said and get settled with it before wasting time getting confused.

"Ah, look, our little prince has come to join us." Said Cara. Before I knew it, a heavy crown was thunked onto my head and I was pushed out of the door. "Its time to take you to the queen."

The End

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