Lucky FallMature

'Shit!' I screeched, sitting bolt upright. I expected myself to be covered in blood and cuts and bruises and such... but I was laying on something soft, and crisp, white quits surrounded me like a nest.

'...Eh?' I gasped, I noticed I was clothed in a cream nighty. How many years had it been since I had worn one of them? I looked up to see maroon red and golden canopy hung above my head, help up by huge, oak posts which were located at each corner of the bed I was in.

Hang on... I fell down a hole... why was I here? Where was Jay?! I jumped up, I flinched expecting to bang my head on the canopy. As I did so, it floated higher. I froze, a long strand of curly blonde hair fell over my shoulder as my body became rigid and stiff.

'Miss Natalie! Your awake!' A gleeful voice cried, I felt the mattress shudder as someone else put their weight on it.

I stared down at the creature which had presented itself in front of me. It had a faint silver glow around it's body. It looked like a door-mouse crossed with a toy doll. It was a peculiar thing indeed.

'Sorry about your new appearance! It was required! We had to change it to allow you to enter the castle! I designed it! I hope it is to your liking!' It squeaked, it was also tiny... so small and... so fluffy...

'Your cute...' I smiled in a daze, it's aura went from silver to pink and it smiled nervously.

'I am Nertial. Your humble servant. And you, Natalie Walsh, are the Queen's loyal bard!'

'What's a bard?'

'A poet, a person of fine music and art.' Nertial sighed, 'now, for the mirror!'

A massive  mirror rolled in, I stared at a face that did not belong to me. It was pale, so pale I could see the faint outlines of blue veins pumping through it's neck. almond-shaped, electric green eyes framed my thick, blonde lashes. Golden hair framed a small and slender body(like my own, but much more toned) down to it's toes... such wonderful hair...

'How do you like your new body, Bard Natalie?' Nertial asked nervously.

'Eh... I'm not a bard... and this... isn't my... body...' I stared at the mirror and back at the creature which called me "the queens poet"... and everything clicked together in my mind.

The End

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