Lady LuckMature

Everything hurt. My head hurt, my back hurt, my hands hurt, my legs hurt. Where was Nat? We had been camping... I couldnt open my eyes. Suddenly, there were footsteps, light ones.

"How are you feeling dear?" Said a musical, female voice.

"Mmgh" I groaned, not really willing to say anything else.

The musical voice laughed. "We can take away your pain if you like." she said.

I foced my eyes to open and found myself face to face with the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. She couldnt be human, with those big dark eyes and long golden hair that looked like it was made of actual gold. Her nose and mouth were small, accentuating those big eyes. I got lost in them as I stared, and thought I felt myself nod. Then, there was no pain. Anywhere. I reached up to feel my head, and stopped. My hand looked strange.

"The glamour is working." Said the beautiful lady, apparently not talking to me anymore. "He resisted it at first, but now its working." Another beautiful lady walked into the room, which was large and done up in what looked like pastel colored marble.

"Glamour?" I asked, confused, so my mind jumped tracks. "Where's Nat?"

"It makes you appear to be one of us." The second beautiful lady said, ignoring my second question and giving me a mirror. In it, I saw a pale skinned guy with a very straight nose and big gold colored eyes. It was a good looking face, but it was not mine. He had pointed ears as well. Definitely not my face. Someone had remodeled my entire body, I felt taller, my fingers were longer, thinner. My face was different and my hair was jet black. I could feel the panic start; someone had performed cosmetic surgery on me without my permission! What had happened to me? I liked me. Then, the first lady, the one with the musical voice, touched my forehead and I felt calm again.

"Dont worry Jay Carter." She said. "We will take care of you. You shall not want for anything here." I looked into those dark eyes, and trusted them completely.

The End

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