Unlucky Nat...Mature

'Nat!' Jay shouted, his voice raising dangerously high. I felt my hands shaking and I was scared I drop my torch. I gulped and raised it higher to search the area around me.

I felt the tears brimming up in my eyes and I started to hyperventilate.

'Jay! Jay! Where the fuck are you? Stop messing around! Jay!' I wept, sinking to the floor, clutching his hoodie which I was wearing due to the cold. When he didn't reply, I stared to scream loudly, I screamed for help, I scream for my dad. After a long while, I heard footsteps and turned my head slowly.

Again, I found myself staring right into those large, circular pink eyes, which now had peculiar blueish veins spreading out in the whites in a freaky dendritic pattern. I shivered, unable to speak. I edged back quickly. It's spindly fingers shot out and snatched my arm.

'No! No! No!' I shrieked as it dragged my arm.  I started to cry again and and tried to shake it off. But the grip was strong.

'Jay! Jay! Help me!!!' I screamed, my voice echoing around the clearing, rebounding off the tree's... still no one came, not even as the creature shoved me down a hole... I fell down and down and still no one came to save me.

I was going to die and nothing was going to stop that from happening?!

The End

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