Unlucky After AllMature

Nat was spooked, she'd seen something in the trees. I told myself it was just an animal, maybe a deer coming across our campsite, but another part of my brain brought the shopkeepers words to mind: "Its dangerous in the forest." I pushed Nat gently into the tent and followed. The fire cast strange shadows through the fabric. I tried to put up a brave front, not sure how well it worked though.

We sat in silence for a while, then I was tired of fearing the unknown. I grabbed a flashlight and moved towards the door of the tent.

"I'm going to see what that was." I said.

"What if it's still out there?" Nat said, frightened, but then grabbed a flashlight of her own. "I've got to show you where I saw it." I smiled. She was tough despite her fragile looking build. I took her hand and we stepped out into the night.

We left the circle of the flickering firelight and turned on our flashlights. The circles of white light sent even more strange shadows scattering all over the place. I was jumpy, nervous. Even more so when we discovered that the creature had left footprints. Tracks that I'd never seen before, and nothing any book had ever recorded either.

"Well, something was here." I said, standing with my light trained on the footprints. "Looks like they went this way, lets go."

Our footsteps crunched through the underbrush, step, step, step. Suddenly I yelled as my foot encountered a hole in the ground. I let go of Nat's hand to catch myself, only to start slipping down and down. My flashlight banged against something and went out. I slid into pitch darkness.

"Nat!" I yelled, nearly screamed, officially terrified for the first time in my life.

The End

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