Unlucky FireMature

Jay handed me the skewered hot dog and I looked at the burnt item of food doubtfully. Jay sighed, and took a massive bite out of this own before pulling a face and swallowing it with difficulty.

'Don't eat it...' He mumbled, rubbing his mouth. I grinned at him, ripping the sausage off the stick and tossing it aside.

'We still have marshmallows.' I smiled, sitting crosslegged on the cold floor, 'this place is amazing! How the heck did you find it?'

'On a whim...' He said vaguely, waving a hand.

'Wow. Thats the most descriptive answer anyone has ever given me!' I snickered, I flopped back onto the ground, staring up. There was little gaps in the tree tops which covered the part of the clearing we were in. I smiled, tugging on Jay's jeans hem. I pointed to the sky and he gasped.

'So pretty...' He gaped at the sky and I smiled smugly to myself, happy that I'd found something worthy of his adventurous personality. Jay lay down beside me and I looked at him, my eyes focusing at every aspect of his face, each dimple as he smiled and pointed to each star, the way his eyes widened.

Sighing, I turned my head back and huffed. As if he'd ever see a girl like me in that way. I'm in way over my head.

'Nat...' He mumbled, I frowned, turning to look at him; he had dozed off.

'Your an idiot.' I muttered, leaning on my elbow to get a better look at his face, lips parted slightly, eyes flickering behind the lids. A faint smile touched his mouth as he dreamt about something nice.

'Nat...' He repeated, I glared at him; wondering whether he was just doing it to piss me off.



I shook my head and wandered over to go sit in front of the fire. As I stared into the flames, something snapped behind me. I shivered and slowly turned around to see a pair of pink eyes staring back.

'Shit!' I screamed, Jay stirred and sat bold upright. I blinked and the thing was gone, my was shaking and I'm quite sure all colour had drained from my face.

'Nat? Nat?! Whats wrong?!' He jumped up and draped his arms around my shoulders. I wiped sweat from my forehead.

'There.... there was something there!' I whispered, knowing how pathetic I sounded, 'I swear... something was there!'

Jay pulled me into a tight hug, I buried my face in his chest, I didn't want to look at anything anymore.

'Can.... can we please just go to the tent!' I whimpered, glancing back to the fire.

'Sure... Tell me iff you see anything else.' He said, deadpan. But I knew, I just knew he didn't believe me.

But I saw something. I definatly saw something!

The End

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