Luckiest Guy Alive.Mature

The rain was completely gone by the time I'd managed to convince my mom that I was going camping, with a girl, and nothing would happen. I was packing when Nat came up and dumped an overnight bag on the ground next to the bag that held the tent.

"Your sleeping bag's the red one."  I said, pointing. Realizing too late that it probably sounded really creepy that I'd bought her a sleeping bag before I'd even known she was coming. I changed the subject. "So, uh, discussions with your dad turn out okay?"

"Yeah." Nat replied. "It took some doing, but, I'm here." She smiled and I couldnt help but grin in reply. She had a great smile.

"Yep." I said, then held up what I had in my hands. "Look, I got marshmallows. We can make S'mores."

"Great." Nat said, then got down on her knees and helped me finish packing. It was a pretty small pile of stuff, I noticed when we stood back. "Shouldnt be too hard to carry through the forest."

"Let's find out." I hoisted the tent bag and my own bag onto the same shoulder and grabbed the cooler, which was one of those cloth ones that had a strap, and slung it over the other side.

"Got the sleeping bags?" I asked. Nat grinned again, already having picked up what I'd left for her to carry. We set off down the damp dirt track, heading straight for the clearing I'd found.


The sun was low in the west by the time we'd gotten the tent set up and our stuff inside.A pile of firewood was set up near the firepit, made of some rocks I'd found laying around, and I had managed to get a fire going from the wood we'd gathered. I took out some hot dogs and stuck them on a pair of long skewers.

"I've seen this done in movies." I said, giving one to Nat. "Dinner."

The End

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