Lucky EyesMature

I stared up at the sky as I walked along the lane which led to the bridge, it had stopped raining and had cleared up quite a bit. I smiled and scrambled down the ledge which was my way of getting onto the river bank.

Jay and I hardly knew eachother, but it seemed like I'd known him or years and years or something. I grinned and slipped off my shoes, dipping my feet into the icy water, yelping quietly as it shot cold pains through my foot.

I pursed my lips, and stared at the rushing current hard. I gritted my teeth and stepped into the water, biting my bottom lip hard and I tried not to hop around screaming with the cold.

'That look kind of painful!'

'Ahh!' I shrieked, spinning around quickly, letting out a long sigh when I saw who it was.

'Chill out, it's just me.' Jay laughed, 'I knew you'd be here.'

'Yeah, waiting for you.' I stuck my tongue out at him. He just laughed at me and sat on the pebbles, 'how've you been?'

'Fine. Hey,' he looked up at me with huge, puppy-dog eyes, his blue irises sparkling, 'do you want to come camping with me?'

'Huh?' I asked, dumbstruck.

'Camping. I said we should go to the clearing sometime, so why not go camping there?' He smiled.

'Umm.... I'm not sure my dad'll let me.' I pondered, sighing again. He looked at me with pleading eyes, I wondered why he wanted me to go with him so much. I stared at his wide, excited eyes and felt myself slowly deflate and loose all my will to oppose to the trip. But what if he wanted to... do me. No... Jay's not that sort of boy and staring at into his deep blue eyes was just making me weaker and weaker by the second. I puffed my cheeks out and shrugged, 'fine. I'll see what I can do!'

He's lucky he can perfect the puppy dog eyes!!


The End

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