Wish Me LuckMature

I sighed, looking at my reflection in the mirror as I shrugged into my jacket.  The dinner hadn't gone too badly last night and when I woke up this morning, it had stopped raining. It was still cold though, at least not warm like summer at home. This was England after all, further north than I was used to.I ran a hand through my messy hair and declared myself presentable. I grabbed my wallet (Full of freshly exchanged pound notes)

"Mom, I'm going out!" I yelled, stepping out the door, not even waiting for an "okay."

I headed straight for the general store, I wanted to go camping and I needed a tent, sleeping bag and other stuff like that. The store was packed, not with people, just with stuff. I saw tents right next to the latest and greatest toys. Sleeping bags were near the cotton sheets and as for coolers and thermoses, they were by the antique china and silverware that the store had amassed over the years. I grabbed what I needed and took it to the counter.

"That'll be a hundred." The guy said. I fished out the needed money and handed it over. "Planning a little camping trip, son?" The man continued.

"Yeah." I said. "Found this great little clearing in the forest." The man looked up from the cash register.

"The forest?" He said, sounding a little nervous. "That's a dangerous place to spend the night." I laughed and pointed out some of the safety things I'd bought.

"Dont worry, all this stuff's bear proof." The man was dead-pan, any friendliness he had started to show evaporated. He gave me the receit and glared me out of the store.

The End

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