Lucky he left ItMature

I smiled to myself as I washed up the cup Jay had used. He filled up every inch of my mind, something about him made him draw people in. Like a sheet of sticky paper, but kind and not sticky.

'Is that Nat I see washing up?' Dad laughed as he walked in, his arms laden with shopping bags which were bulging with food that we were never going to eat. He dumped them in the hallway and and rummaged around in one of them, he pulled something out and tossed the object at me. Chocolate, I nodded in thanks and ripped it open, shoving it into my mouth. Gobbling it down greedily.

'Why did you get so much food?'

'I don't know, is that your coat? I've never seen you wear it, did your mum get it for you?' He asked, pointing to a jacket  which was folded on the kitchen counter.

'No, I had a friend over, he must have left it.'

'He?' My dad raised an eyebrow, 'how old?'

'Young. In his teens, you should return it. Go give it back.'

'Um... okay.' I shrugged, picking it up, snatching an umbrella on my way out of the door. I had walked halfway down the lane before realising I had no idea where he lived. I stood in the middle of the cobbled lane awkwardly; not really knowing what to do with myself.

I pulled a face and sauntered into the shop, I skipped up to the counter.

'Excuse me, do you know where the Carters live?' I asked, glad I remembered Jay's last name.

'Uhh, yeah, down near the farm. The small cottage I think.' The shop keeper replied gruffly, I thanked him and jogged towards the farm. I spotted a quaint cottage perched on top of a small hill, it looked quite sweet and fairy-tail like. I smiled and made my way to the front door.

Knock knock.

'Coming!' A women's voice trilled from far away, 'Jay, get the door!'

'Mom! I'm busy!'

I tried to hide my snicker as I listened to the boys childish response.

'Just do it!'


The door opened in a violent way and I looked up into his face. Jay raised his eyebrows and smiled at me.

'Nat? Whats up?'

'My dad said to give you this back.' I chuckled, shoving the jacket into his arms. He looked at it in surprise before grinning.

'Thanks. Do you want to come in?'

'Nah, I'm gonna head home. But I'll meet you at the river tomorrow, yeah?'I smiled, tucking my hair behind my ear. He shrugged, and gestured to his jacket.

'Thanks for bringing it.'

'No problem. See you around.' I snickered, mimicking his accent badly, he laughed and shook his head.

'Your funny. Sure you don't want to come in?' He insisted.

'Yes. I'm sure. See ya!' I waved at him, jogging back down the hill.

I couldn't go inside... I couldn't go inside because I think if I was in his presence any longer, my brain would burst with all the thoughts that revolved around him.

The End

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