Yeah, Lucky Me (!)Mature

I wandered home, walking along the river, throwing rocks into it absentmindedly. I was starting to like Nat, we'd talked about a lot of things, I'd never been able to talk to anyone so easily back home. Maybe it was the accent. I shook my head, no, it was Nat. Splash, went a particularly large rock. Not to mention, she made very good coffee. I reached the little cottage and pulled open the door.

"Mom, I'm back." I shouted, then realized she was standing just a few feet away. "Oh, sorry."

"This isnt as big as our house back home, Jay. You dont need to shout." Mom said. "And take off your shoes. Why couldnt you take an umbrella, its pouring outside." I ran a hand through my wet hair and shrugged.

"Didn't feel like it."I muttered, glancing at the big black umbrella by the door.

"Well, go take a shower, we're going out to eat tonight."

I hesitated at the door to my bedroom. "Where?" I asked, there werent exactly restaurants in this town.

"Its a little place in the next town over." Mom waved her hand vaguely through the air. I took that to mean that she really didnt know where we were going.


"No buts, just go get clean." She was adamant, I couldnt argue. I ducked into the bathroom and turned on the water.

The End

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