Lucky I came HereMature

Once I got home, my dad seemed to be in a good mood and when I asked him way he said, "you'll find out soon enough" in a incredibly annoying vague way. I just huffed at him and plodded up the stairs.

Sighing I flopped back onto my shitty 100% nylon-clad mattress. Not only did this house tickles my nose, but it burned my eyes with it's tacky interior; in fact, if I actually lived here, I would have killed myself by now. That is how bad this place is.

'Nat! I'm popping into the nearest town to get some food! Want to come?' Dad yelled up the stairs.

'No!! But get chocolate! Preferably Galaxy!' I shouted back.

'Fine, I'll a few hours or so, be good!'

'Yeah!' I grumbled, turning over on the bed as I heard the door slam, but I had to stand up instantly afterwards because my hair became static on the nylon. I sighed loudly again and opened my window, sticking my head out into the cold, water-ridden air to see if there were any signs of it letting up. There wasn't. I spotted a figure jogging from a small, muddy path which led to the creepy forest at the edge of the Village. As my eyes focused on the figure, I realised it was the American boy, Jay.

He sauntered down the little cobbled road which ran outside my holiday house.

'Hey!' I called, he looked up in shock and waved when he saw me.

'So this is your place?'

'Hardly!' I snorted, 'this is the shitty holiday house my dad is renting out.'

'Haha. Did you know there was a awesome clearing in those woods?'  He asked, I looked at him, puzzled before shaking my head, 'it's really cool, when the rain stops, you should come check it out.'

'Okay, just come by when it... I mean, if it does. Speaking of rain, do you want to come in? You look drenched!'

'Umm... if it's okay.' He laughed sheepishly, I nodded and pointed to the door. I ran downstairs and opened it for him. He thanked me and hopped inside quickly, 'should I take off my shoes?'

'Nahh... every room in this house has wooden floors.' I sighed irritably.

'You say that as though it's a bad thing!'

'It is...' Jay again and I cracked a smiled, 'tea?'

'No thanks.'


'Yes please.'

'Trust an American to want coffee over a good brew!' I snickered, walking into the kitchen. Jay followed.

We had a nice chat about the differences between Silent Witness and CSI Miami and a few other shows. It was nice to be able to talk to someone so easily, I'm starting to be glad I came here... though only a little!

The End

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