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 I grinned to myself. Meeting Nat was the one thing I didn't expect. A British girl, who may just help me have some adventure in this soggy, tiny town. Only a few places of any interest, well, man-made places of interest. The church and the little store that seemed to sell just about everything, from clothes to groceries. The General Store, thats what I'll call it, since there's no sign. Anyway, I was walking down the street, getting soaked in the rain and thinking about Natalie when I saw something.

Just a little muddy path through the grass on the outskirts of town, leading straight into the forest. Shrugging, I followed it, hoping to find a clearing or something so maybe I could go camping and get away from my mom. The cottage was a small as the town, and there wasnt much to do there.

As soon as I stepped into the forest, the rain stopped. The trees were so dense overhead that the ground was dry, except for a light mist. The ground was soft, covered in dead leaves. They squished under my sneakers as I moved around mossy tree and over big rocks.

I eventually came out in a large clearing. It was green, covered in long grass except for a few scattered logs. A stream ran along the west side of it, flowing back to the river. It was still raining, but it was breathtaking. With a tent and a fire and some dry ground, this could be a pretty cool place to take someone. I smiled and turned around, heading back the way I'd come.


The End

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