Strike of LuckMature

No way. No fucking way was I going to stay in this hovel for two weeks! No way! There was just absolutely no way I'd manage without killing someone!

I sat on the edge of the crummy, 60's-style soft awkwardly, I gulped as I glanced at the peeling yellow wallpaper. I could smell damp and a heavy scent of wood polish lingered in the air, I wrinkled my nose with distaste and looked over to my dad who was sitting quite happily at the table, reading the local newspaper. I sighed and stood up.

'Dad, can I have some money? I want to go to the shop, I think I'll go for a little wander too...' I muttered, trying to hold my breath as I neared the table which was the culprit for the nasty polish smell.

'Sure, three quid enough?'

'Yeah. Could you push to four pounds...? They might sell magazines.'

'Fine.' He rummaged around in his pocket before producing a handful of change, I blinked and cupped my two hands as he poured the silvers and coppers into my greedy fingers.

'Dad, I could be a while, I'm gonna see if there are any farms with horses or something.' I smiled, I loved animals... but animals don't really like me very much. If I was to be perfectly honest, the last time I stroked a horse I had to go to hospital because it bit me.


The further I walked down the tiny village, the more I realised that there was nothing there. Three interesting things that weren't that interesting: the church(I'm not a christian so thats no use), the shop and the river; which I was yet to visit. I guess if the weather was nice, I could go there and swim or something.

As I neared the river, I spotted a figure on the rocks to the side of it, I squinted and walked a little faster. The blob soon took the form of a teenage boy--a good-looking one at that-- who was tossing pebbles into the river. I scrambled down onto the bank and watched him for a second.

'What're you doing?' I asked,he  nearly toppled off the rock with surprise as he spotted me, crouched down next to the freezing river.

'Throwing rocks into the river, thought it would be obvious.' He laughed, he had an American accent. I pondered why a guy from such a hot country would be in such a shitty place as this.

'Are you from the US?' I asked, moving up to sit on a large rock on the bank.

'Yeah. I'm from Florida, but I'm staying here for two months or so.' He informed me, hopping back onto my side of the river to stand in front of me. I noticed he was quite tanned, well more tanned than me whose not tanned at all.

'Oh cool. Why come here of all places?' I sniggered, slouching back.

'Relatives died, we got the house. Mom thought we should some here.' He shrugged, before sticking out a hand, 'I'm Jay Carter.'

I shook it, 'Nat, well... Natalie, but don't call me that. Anyway, I'm Nat Walsh.'

'So are you here with your family for a vacation?' He asked, I looked at him blankly.

'Whats a vacation? It sounds like some sort of jab.' I asked.

'Your on holiday here with your family, then?' He said, which was much easier for me to understand.

'Yeah, me and my dad. Mum left.' I said bluntly.

'Oh, I guess I can relate. I'm just here with my mom, my dad died.'


'S'okay, anyway, can I meet you here again tomorrow or something? I think there'd be a glimmer of hope if there was another kid in this damned place.' He laughed, topping off the "damned" part of the sentence perfectly due to his accent.

'Sure. I'm soooooo not going on a walked with my dad, exercise is not something I tend to take to very well.'

'Haha, well, see you around!' He waved, jogging off. I waved back, wondering how I'd made friends with  randomer so quickly, I shrugged and slouched further back on my rock, watching the river race by.

The End

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