Just My LuckMature

How great was this! I thought, sitting on the plane, well, bouncing on the plane. I couldnt sit still. I was going to another country!

Well, thats what I thought before we drove for several hours after the eight hour plane trip across the Atlantic. Now that I was here. In England. Going to some remote village. In a taxi. With my mom. 

"Jay." She'd said after school on the last day when she'd told me where we were going for summer break. "I think you'll like it there." Mom's always been just a little "off center". Particularly after Dad died in that car crash. 'Least, thats what I'd heard, I was barely two then. So she'd always told me things a little last minute. Anyway, long story short about spending the 2 and a half month break from school in England, my mom had relatives there and they died so she inherited a house, just like in those stories, you know, when the family inherits a big mansion, but this isnt gonna be a mansion. No, its a tiny little cottage with 2 bedrooms and a living/kitchen area. Bathrooms have been added on through the bedrooms, so my mom told me. It looked like one of those English cottages you see in the movies, like, from medieval times. What really interested me was the remoteness of it all. The forest behind the cottage, the tiny town in was near. It excited me.

But now, as we arrived, it was raining. Hard. "Mom, I cant do anything in this weather." I complained, trying to see through my wet window as the taxi sped towards our destination.

"It will clear up honey." My mom said tiredly. She had jetlag.



I slumped back in my seat. Just my luck. I did not like the rain.

The End

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