Love LuckMature

Natalie dreamt of the perfect holiday with her family, where would they go? Spain? France? Greece?
Cornwall. Nice, but she met him. The boy of her every dream... so what would you do it that boy ended up being your STEP BROTHER?!

'Anywhere! You could have chosen anywhere!'I yelped as she looked at the computer screen which told us where our totally awesome holiday was going to be.

'Now, Nat, I know you seem... a little upset, but it's a really great place!' My father exclaimed happily, but I  just glared at him with loathing.

'Cornwall. Need I say anymore?' I sighed, running a had through  my hair, and walking off. He just grumbled about how he already booked it, but just let me be.

Sara was going to America, and Rose was off to freaking Russia. And I'm spending my summer holidays in Corwall. Amazing, just awesome.

Well, best make the most of it(if it rains, I'm going to wring dads neck!) and suck it up...


'Dad... it's raining.'


'It's thundering.'


'it's cold and nasty.'


'Then why are we going today?!' I burst out, glaring at him.

'Because today is when they are expecting us.' He glanced at me, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. He switched the radio on and I sighed with relief. At least there was something nice and comforting in this damned car.

'Ugh... this music is terrible!' Dad grunted, reaching over and changing it to Radio Two. I sank back in my seat with defeat. Looks like this holiday was going to suck all the way through. Ever since my mother left us, I think my dad went a bit insane, doing stuff he never usually does and his taste in clothing... ugh... need I say anymore? To be fair, dad was being a utter arse when they were married, so I'm not really surprised she left him... for a twenty-five-year-old. I must admit that's kind of gross. A twenty year age gap is not cool.

But the best thing is I'm an only child, so I've been spoilt rotten ever since I was born, which lightens up this whole predicament quite a fair bit!

'When we get to the house, can you order a pizza?'

'If there's a pizza place.' He smiled.

'If?' I asked doubtfully.

'Well... were not exactly staying in one of the more urban areas of Cornwall... it's quite a rural village. Only has one shop.' He grinned, looking at my slyly. I nearly choked on my gum with shock. So I only  had one  shop? Amazing.

It seemed this holiday had no signs of becoming nice and enjoyable... yet.

The End

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