On our way to Miles' house, he kept on drumming his fingers on the steering wheel of the car and I kept telling him to stop. This series of events was repeated several times  before I grabbed his hand and held it tight within my own. 

'Sorry,' he said weakly, squeezing my hand in return. I released his warm fingers so he could change the gear as we pulled up into his drive. We entered his house, I took off my shoes and sat on the sofa awkwardly. 

'Um, what do you want to eat?' He asked, trying his very best to look natural as he leaned languidly against the kitchen door frame.

'Oh, what do you have?' I asked with painfully fake brightness. I sauntered into the kitchen behind him, leaving my overnight bag on the lounge's arm chair. 

My long skirt trailed after me, it  hindered 

'I think this skirt works better with heeled shoes,' I chuckled nervously. A blushed as Miles' eyes dragged themselves over my body and down to my feet, where the skirt was skimming the floor. He smiled and nodded, opening the kitchen cabinet. 

'I feel like eating something light...' He muttered, 'popcorn? Just ki-'

'Yeah!' I said excitedly, my voice raising a dangerously high note - making me sound like I was six years old. He chuckled at my enthusiasm and pulled a packet down from the cupboard. 

'Can I choose a film, Miles?' I asked, he inclined his head as he focused on working his ancient microwave. I wandered back through to the living room, and trailed my finger along the spines of all of the films on the shelf above his TV. 

'Can we watch Notting Hill?' I called out.

'If you like!' 


Hugh Grant was just about to tidy away all of the rubbish in his kitchen, when Miles tilted head up to face him. I glanced back at his closed curtains and shut my eyes obligingly. 

His lip's pressed down onto mine gently, and I melted into him, winding my arms around his neck. I felt him fumbling around for the TV remote. He somehow managed to show extreme skill by turning off the TV, kissing me and carrying me up the stairs all at the same time. 

We reached his bedroom after what seemed like an eternity and he dropped me down on the bed. I looked up at him as he leaned over me, we were both breathing heavily. 

'Are you sure you're ready?' He asked quietly, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. I nodded silently, reaching up and kissing his neck. 

I helped him tug off his tee shirt, I felt my blouse unbutton as he kissed me and the clink of Miles' belt being taken off. My breathing hitched.

We were really going to do it, weren't we? Passion eventually took over us and Miles gently took off my undergarments. I blushed furiously as he kissed me all over, I pulled his lips back up to mine in a fit of embarrassment.

'Stop staring!' I squeaked, covering his eyes childishly.

'But you're beautiful.' He whispered. I giggled as he nibbled my earlobe and nipped at my neck. 

'I love you,' he had said ruggedly once we finally did it. I had cried, I'll admit that. It hurt, I'll admit that, too. But had Miles treated me gently, and all the way through he whispered sweet, kind, loving words into my ear. 

'I love you, too, I really love you.' I kissed his shoulder later that night when he was fast asleep, cradling me to his chest tightly, 'I love you so much.' 

Because that was the truth. 

The End

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