Picking Her UpMature


I was nervous. Scared. Terrified.

No, I’m doing fine, really.

Drumming my fingers nervously against my thigh, my eyes glanced nervously over at Roi’s residence. It was five minutes past six. Why was she late? I know I was being overdramatic about all this yet I didn’t want anyone – student, teacher, or security – to find me here. If they knew I was waiting for a student on a Friday evening, they might come to the worst of assumptions. Not like they’d be wrong about it.

Tonight was going to be the night.I knew that was what Roi expected for me to give her but I wasn’t even sure if I was ready. I remembered the time when I almost did it with Elle. We’d been snowed into my apartment as a huge blizzard had come over the city. We ended up watching a movie together, snuggling and somehow magically, those series of events lead us to making out then almost having sex.

Elle wanted to. I stopped her. We’d been young. And reckless. I hadn’t wanted to take advantage of our lusts into making a huge mistake. And now, I was older and more matured.

But Roi was still a teenager, even though she was now of consenting age. I wouldn’t want this to be something she’d regret in the future, that we’d regret. But I know she wanted this. And that’s why I’d said ‘yes’ when she’d asked to come over.

The sound of the door opening caused me to snap out of my thoughts and I looked to my right, a smile coming onto my face as Roi slid into the car. My breath caught in my throat and an involuntary blush rose up in my cheeks. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

“You okay Miles?” She asked, snapping her fingers together when she noticed I’d practically been gawking her. I looked away and nodded, starting the engine of my car.

“You ready?” I asked softly.

She nodded, smiling nervously. “Better now than never.”

The End

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