Miles must have heard something behind us, so he quickly pulled me to his side. Staring up at the painting, underneath which I had been against the wall.

'This is why fine art is so important, Roi, just look at the- oh, Mrs Heckelsby!' He smiled looking over his shoulder, 'I was just saying to Roi, how beautiful this picture is!' 

My cheeks burned as I plastered on a ugly, fake smile, 'yeah.' 

She stared at us both with suspicious eyes, the dark brown rims of her glasses cast shadows on her face; making her seem slightly demonic. Mrs Heckelsby looked Miles up and down once more before tutting and striding off towards the bathroom. 

I snorted, looking up at Miles, hoping he found this situation as funny as I did. I wasn't greeted by a playful gleam, but a serious blue sheen. His eyes broke up the soft contours of his face as he looked down at me with an unreadable expression. I frowned, and he patted my head.

'Tomorrow,' he said softly, 'I'll pick you up at six.' 

And with that, he turned on his heel and walked away from me, the muscles shifting in his back the way they always did when he was embarrassed. I blushed furiously, my eyes widened with excitement. 

It was really going to happen, wasn't it? I tightened my side pony tail which trailed all the way down to my rips and caressed my hair in shock. How long had it been since Miles and I were together? Can't have been more than a few months; yet my hair was already so long. He'd said once he liked it long.

I smiled to myself, fiddling with the dead ends.

'Needs a trim, though.' I sighed, and giggled, unable to contain the happiness which was brewing in my chest. 

It's a shame we wont be able to lie in on Sunday, though, I thought wistfully, Sam's mum said I needed to come over for important business...

As the museum trip dragged on, I created a mental check list of all the things I'd need to do before I went over. Would he have that? Protection, I mean. Should I tie my hair back? Brush my teeth beforehand? Eat something? 

These were all question's I couldn't ask Miles out of embarrassment, so I'd just have to work them out myself. 

Since that fateful hour of one o' clock in the afternoon, everytime Miles and I made eye contact, we looked away, turning crimson red; knowing the impending event which was to happen tomorrow.

Kaya thought I had a fever and tried to convince me to go to the nurse, but I repeatedly said, 'it's nothing.' Though it wasn't nothing.

It was one of the biggest things to happen in my life.

The End

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