Show me the WayMature

Miles looked back at me, his ever-breath-taking blue eyes widened as they met my own which were filled with anger. I noticed the attractive brunette was still standing behind him; giving him a look that wasn't just asking for a meal. 

He gave me one last fleeting glance before shuffling back to the teacher's who were chatting comfortably. 

'Be back in a bit.' I said to Kaya and my other friends, with whom I was sitting on the lush grass in the sun with.

'Mr. Stevans, can you show me the way to the toilets? We're not allowed to go by ourselves, and I have no idea where they are!' I said sweetly, scratching the back of my head in false embarrassment. 

'Yeah, sure. But make it quick.' Miles said in the "oh-annoying-student-pestering-me-again" voice which he only uses in front of other teachers. He shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way inside the museum, I walked after him with a sort of malicious swagger. 

Once we were out of earshot, and viewing distance of anyone else, I stopped. Miles carried on walking for a few more seconds before realising the tapping of my feet had silenced. He turned around nervously. I stared at him, studying how his features changed quietly. It was quite funny, I never knew so many emotions could cross ones face in a matter of seconds. 

'Roi,' he began. He was silenced quickly by my body which came hurtling at him full force, I wrapped my arms around his waist and placed my head in the little nook at the base of his neck. Our height's were so different, although I loved how tall Miles was, it was a nuisance

'Don't look at women who are older than you.' I mumbled into his chest, 'in fact, don't look at any other women at all.' 

'Hey,' He laughed softly, draping his arms over my shoulders, 'I prefer blondes.'

I smiled, looking up at him with the biggest eyes I could manage without looking insane. He looked down at me, and smiled back before tilting up my head; pressing his lips softly to my own.

I stood on my toes, stretching as far up as I could to cling to his shoulders. As the kiss deepened, Miles pushed me against the wall. Usually, he'd let me mess with his hair a little. But it seemed that our brief ignorance towards each other had left him a little restless; he pinned my arms to my sides whilst he kissed me as though he hadn't seen me for a century. 

'Miles,' I gasped as me moved down to kiss my neck, 'Miles, we have to go back.' 

'Mmm...' He hummed absent mindedly, as he bit the nape of my neck. I gasped in pain as he sucked on my skin. 

'Don't!' I pushed him away, 'could you be anymore obvious? You're always telling me to be careful, so you have to be careful, too!' 

'Sorry,' he said quietly, looking flushed. 'Got caught up in the moment.'

'Sorry for shouting.' I said guiltily. 

'It's okay. You did it for good reason. Let's go back, now.' He bent down and kissed my forehead before towing me along by my wrist. I looked at the back of his head and grinned cheekily. 

If he's got all this pent up lust just from two days, I wonder what he'd be like after a week. 

I stopped, looking around to make sure no one was around.

'I want to come over tonight.' 

The End

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