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I sometimes couldn't believe how crazy Roi could make me be. I knew the danger of being spotted by anyone within the bus yet I couldn't control myself as I'd kissed her. The insane desire took over leaving no space for me to think like a normal human being. If not even normal, it was unlike something Miles Stevans would do.

The bus arrived only a few minutes later in the parking area of the museum. All the students filed out alongside the other teachers in the bus but I took my time with Roi, telling her to keep by my side through out the whole field trip.

That was inevitable anyways, seeing as she was a part of my group. Funny how many times fate made a way into our relationship. I didn't believe in that stuff but these days, I was starting to...

I wasn't really paying attention to what the tour guide was saying and neither was Roi it seemed. At least not until I was pretty sure that the tour guide was giving me, well, the signal.

It was first when she walked past me, leading the students to another display when she trailed her hand provocatively up the bare skin of my arms. I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and couldn't help but for goosebumps to break out over my skin. Roi didn't notice until the real moment of truth came our way.

At exactly a quarter past twelve, all of our groups met near the lunch court of the museum. While the other teachers were aiding the students into the rather small outdoors lunch area, I felt the brunette barbie-like tour guide take me aside.

"Hey, I couldn't help but notice how extremely young you look," she said in a casual tone indicating nothing more than normal chatter but the look in her eyes disagreed. "Would you like to join me, somewhere else of course, for a meal?"

I looked away for a split second and saw Roi practically staring daggers in our direction. Oh crap.

"I'd really prefer not to but thanks for the offer."

Without saying another word, I tore away from the seductive clutches of the tour guide and headed out, the sun's heat hitting me. But that wasn't the reason why I started to burn up.

The look on Roi's face was of pure anger, if not jealousy. Oh boy. I was really in for a lecture.


The End

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