Mr Clipboard.Mature

I blinked, and looked up at Miles in surprise. 


'You heard me.' He growled menacingly under his sweet breath, he glanced around to make sure no one was looking at us; luckily everyone around either had their iPod's plugged into their ear holes or were immersed in shrilly conversations. We were lucky enough to have the four rows on either side of our fronts plugged into One Direction and The Wanted. 

'Why wont you sleep with me.' I burst out in a quiet, angry whisper. 

'Because it'll rush everything! I don't want our relationship to collapse beneath us, Roi!' He took ten seconds to compose himself again before asking me, 'why didn't you tell me you were engaged.' 

'I don't want to marry someone like Sam.' 

Miles gave me a quizzical look, ' "Someone like Sam" ' He quoted, 'so now you hate Sam?'

'Yes.' I replied curtly. 

'Then I have nothing more to worry about.' 

'Judging by the grumpy look on your face you obviously want to say more.' I said, crossing my arms and rolling my eyes. 

'Are you just using me because you want to have sex?' He asked quietly. 

I coughed, my eyes bulging, 'say what now?' 

'Well... are you?' 

'No way, matey-boy. I'm here for the long haul, so obviously I'm going to want to get more intimate with you...' My cheeks reddened and I looked at my school shoes, ' 'cuz your my boyfriend.' 

Miles looked away, I caught sight of his face which was pinker than my own. Blushing did not suit this man. Didn't complement his caramel skin. We just sat there for a while, basking in our own idiocy. The blushing boy took a quick glance towards me before he picked up his clipboard, grabbed a fistful of my school shirt and bow, then pulled my face towards his own. He covered our clingy, passionate kiss with that very clipboard he had ticked my name off of a few minutes ago. 

He bit my lip once more before pulling away, managing to act like nothing had happened. I flipped my head around nervously, expecting the whole bus to be ogling at us. But not one single person saw. No one. 

That was a kiss shared by us both, and no one else. 

The End

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