Roi was seated less than a few inches from me. And the fact that she was so close made it all the more harder to be quiet. I wanted to unleash everything I'd felt over the past twenty-four hours at her.

The guilt, the pain, the anger. Yet a part of me had the sense to keep quiet, thinking 'that would only take you somewhere worse than where you are now'. But I didn't completely agree with that part.

The more seconds that ticked by, the more impateint I got for the unbreakable silence to shatter between us. I caught myself a billion times, opening my mouth to say something before closing it quickly and cursing myself in my head.

Roi ignored me the whole time though which made me feel even angrier. Sure, I'd made her upset on the day of her birthday but every mature relationship has it's fights. If she can't deal with that, I don't even know why we're together.

Keep the negative thoughts away from bay! I repeated in my head, playing with my hands.

Finally, looking up I said in one hurried and whispering breath, "I understand why you're angry at me, yes I do, but I have my reasons for being angry at you as well. You spent the whole day with the one guy I hate, how did you expect me to react? Prance around and sing happy songs? Cause I'm not that kind of guy. I need answers Roi."

The End

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