Ignoring HimMature

I walked onto the bus, without a care in the world. Kaya and I were having a heated discussion about the X-Factor results, and how Marcus should have one. 

'Kaya! Roi!  We tried to save a seat but people just sat in then. There's only one seat left. ' Our friend, Danni said glumly. 

'Oh. OK. Kaya, you can sit in it if you want.' I smiled, nudging her with my elbow. 

'No, Roi, it's fi-'

'Just sit. It's cool.' I laughed, swinging my rucksack higher onto my shoulder. I glanced around for spare places. My eyes zoned in on one in the very back, then flicked to the person it was next to. I'm pretty sure my face drained itself of all colour when I saw the sun cast it's light onto that tan complexion, cause a sparkle in those light blue eyes. 

Miles looked right back at my, widened his eyes, then looked back out the window. 

'Miss Nickson! Hurry up!' Another teacher called from the front. 

'Oh, yeah. There's no spare seats.' I shouted back.

'You'll just have to sit next to Mr Stevans!'

The whole bus gave a collective chuckle as they thought the depressed look on my face was due to the fact I had to sit next to a teacher. Miles looked up, alarmed. I pulled my lips down in distaste before making my way to the back.

I sat as close to the window as possible, so my hip was al least 30 centimetres away from Miles' . I kept my hands between my thighs and eyes stuck to the back of Melony Palmer's head. 

Every now and then I felt Miles' penetrating stare on my face, before it flicked back to the window. This was going to be a long ride. 

The End

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