Ignoring HerMature


The next day, the urge to even get out of bed was so little that I would have spent the day at home if it weren't for the fact that I knew most of my important classes were piled up in today's lessons. It wasn't until I got to my classroom, though was I reminded of the crucial event.

Field trip to the nationl history museam. Great.

The other teachers had organized it and I had volunteered long back to be a supervisor for the different classes that were going on the trip. And when I was handed the paper on which the group I would be watching over were written, luck was just in my way.

Roi Nickson

The moment I read her name, bubbles of anger started to surface. I still hadn't forgotten what had happened just the day before yesterday. Besides, I really didn't want my personal life interfering with my work. And having a relationship with a student would only just do that.

"Stevans. You're getting onto that bus."

"What?" I asked, looking around in confusion. Sarah shook her head to herself, poking me on the arm and then pointing to a bus before walking away, muttering, "Might as well be a student."

Hell that would have been so much easier.

Getting onto the bus, I went into the seat at the way back which would make it much easier for me to monitor the students. It wasn't until everyone started streaming in did I notice that they had teamed us up so that my group would be with me on the bus. Roi's face confirmed it. She was talking to someone else and hadn't noticed my presence yet. But I quickly looked away from her, averting my gaze outside the window.

Pretending to ignore her wouldn't make things easier but it certainly would let me avoid any chances of bumping into her. But fate never had been on my side.

The End

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