Lying to MotherMature

Sam Evans

I watched her walk away, the anger bubbling up inside of me.

"Fine! Go!" I yelled after her. "But I know you'll come back to me, eventually!"

She put her hands over her ears as she walked away, a vain attempt to ignore me. She wouldn't be able to. Flipping my phone open, I dialed a number and it started ring. My impatience grew when no one picked up and just when I was about to give up, I heard my mom's familiar voice.


"Mom! It's Sam. About the engagement party, Roi and I just had a conversation and she wants to prepone it. Why don't you make it next weekend?"

"That's great honey! I look forward to it. Wish her a happy birthday for me."

I hung up on my mom and moved back down the trail I'd come up on. Roi wouldn't have gotten far and whether she liked it or not; she was going to have to accept a ride from me.


The car lurched to a stop in front of her residence building. Roi got out without a word, but before we could march off to her room, I said, "See you next weekend."

She froze, then turned back, glaring at me. "What are you talking about?"

Giving her a grin, I replied, "You'll see."

The End

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