Lost Argument.Mature

As Sam kissed me, so many voices seemed to flash through my mind.

I pushed him away, 'no!'

'Why?' He asked, I could see the anger flare up from behind his eyes, and his jaw began to flex.

'Because... We agreed we'd go against this marriage.'  I mumbled, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

'That was until I professed my love for you, idiot!' He scowled, he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

'And all of this... you know I hate cheesy things, no offence. I despise these sorts of things; no matter how pretty they are. You can't win my over with an expensive ring and giant lake.' I babbled, listing only a few of the reasons that were in my head.

'Roi, don't be so naive!' He almost shouted, 'we're engaged via our parents work! We can't go against this!'

'I can!'

'What with that teacher of yours? He's a leech! You can't honestly expect him to love you! I've been there every second since childhood, Roi!'

'I know! That's why I love you as a brother. I never looked at you that way! It's gross! Like incest!' I shrieked, I had lost my cool.

'Right now, Roi, right now... I feel like killing you,' he said darkly, I froze, shuddering, 'but I know that you'll come running back to me when that pervert makes a move on you. He made you cry!'

'Yeah, because...' I paused, why had I cried? Did I really need to complete that sentence? I didn't want anything more to do with Sam, that was correct, though.

'Never mind,' I finished, 'I'm leaving!'

The End

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