Miles Stevans

I watched her leave the room, completely taken aback. She was crying and it was evident from the tears streaming down her face. At first, the anger inside me rose and I kicked the foot of the bed hard; only to be hopping on one foot a second later. Let her leave! She was the one acting so childish. At first, she was the one wanting it so much and when she couldn't even look at me topless, how would she deal with me when it came to the real situation?

Sinking onto the bed, I rested my head on my hand and groaned after a few minutes. This was wrong. I shouldn't have lashed out on her. And if its her birthday...there was certainly no excuse for how I'd treated her.

Reaching for my shirt where I'd left it, on the chair, I quickly put it on and hurried downstairs. After having a quick breakfast of Frosties, I headed to the garage with car keys in hand. Hopping onto my seat, I started the engine and groaned once more when the car refused to start. I tried about five more times and swore heavily under my breath.

"Stupid piece of junk," I hissed, slamming the door with a large force that my car normally couldn't withstand. I walked back into the house and crashed on the couch; something I was starting to do often since I started dating Roi. What was I going to do now?


I waited for Roi at her residence. It was around evening now and I had roses for her, hoping it would be a good gesture for my wishing her birthday as well as apologising. The evening passed by and she didn't come; the disappointment and worry in me increasing along with the anger.

She's with Sam.

I hated that guy so much. And after what he'd done to her; how could she have gone to him?  Finally giving up, I flagged down a cab on the street and gave him my address. I arrived home within a few minutes and paid him. Walking towards my house, I shook my head to myself.

I'd screwed up big time, and maybe Roi might not forgive me for lashing out on her again. But no matter what, she shoudn't have asked Sam. Maybe she'd done that to annoy me? I felt my hand in fury and dumped the roses and card into the trash bag outside my house.

Roses were a sign of love but if what I had with Roi wasn't even close to that, what was the point in giving her some when she was off with her fiancee?

The End

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