Light poured through the blinds in his bedroom which made me awake with a start, the top of my head bumped into Miles's chin; causing him to wake up too.

'Mmm?!' He moaned.


'Roi... what...?' He mumbled groggily. His voice laced with sleep.

'Can I have some  breakfast?'



'Hmmm.' I saw a small smile spread across his face and he held me tighter to his side, before he started to stroke my messed up hair.

'Miles.' I pestered, 'I'm hungry. It's twelve! Give me some food!' As he ignored me further, I resorted to poking is leg several times until he sat up; still holding onto my waist. He dragged me up with him and scratched his head with his free hand.

'What do you want?' He asked.

'Bacon, eggs and toast.' I replied, I saw the tired look cross his face and laughed, 'just give me whatever you've got.'

'Cereal.' He mumbled, looking sheepish.

I paused and nodded. He got out of bed, finally letting go of me. My face flushed as he did so, I finally realised that he had no shirt on. I looked away nervously, I could feel his eyes on me as I stared out of the gaps in the blinds of his window.

'What's up?' He asked, I glanced back at his naked chest and back to the window.

'Put some clothes on, old man.' I said quickly, letting my hair cover my crimson cheeks. He laughed at me.

'And you say your ready for sex, Roi? What a big lie.' He smiled at me.  I glared at him angrily.

'I am too!' I said immaturely, 'your an idiot, Miles!'

'I'm just saying if you can't even look at me shirtless, how are you going to survive... well that.' He sighed, pulling a shirt from one of his draws and shoving it over his head.

'Well, put it this way, have you ever seen a girl shirtless?!' I snapped, I pulled a bobble from my wrist and tied my fringe back.

'Yes, I have as a matter of fact.' He retorted, I felt an argument coming on. And it was all his fault.

'What, was it Elle?' I said snidely. He flinched and shot daggers at me.

'Yes.' He said plainly, 'now stop acting like such a little kid and let's go get some breakfast.'

I froze, 'no. I think I'll go back to school where all the other little kids are.' I shouted -but I didn't need to shout- and I grabbed my bag, snatching my mobile phone from it's pocket.

'You don't have a lift!' He grunted, 'sorry let's just-'


'Sam? Can you send someone from the Nickson or Evans house to pick me up?' I asked, glancing at Miles's face which had turned cold; all hard lines and angles.

'Of course.' Sam replied a little smugly, he must have been a little surprised that I called his after what had happened previously.

'I'll meet you at Riverside Lane bus stop.' I ordered him, he gave a "yes" in reply and hung up. I stared at Miles for a few seconds before pushing past him. I had to do so fast so he wouldn't see the frustrated tears sliding down my cheeks as I instantly felt guilty for calling Sam.

I paused in the hallway, I took and deep breath before turning around to face his open bedroom door, 'and Miles? It's my eighteenth birthday today.' I whispered before leaving the house swiftly.

The End

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