A Question of Love.Mature

'Ever been in love Roi?' Miles asked softly, as he helped me out of the car. I paused, avoiding his eyes.

'Urmm... yes.' I mumbled, staring at my feet. I expected him to stop walking as he headed towards his front door. But he just carried on towards it, 'sort of.'

'Define "sort of",' he chuckled, unlocking the door and holding it open for me.

'Well, it was when I was very little. I can barely remember his name.' I smiled as I recalled the boys face and soft features, 'he was mine and Sam's playmate, 'cause he and I are from rich families, they got the maids kids to come over and play. His name was Joshua.'

'Well that's good. I thought it would be Sam for a second.' He grunted, obviously  relived.

I took off my shoes and sat on the sofa in his living room, 'next question.' I waved my hand in the air and smiled at him. Once he'd removed his own shoes, he sat on the edge of the sofa arm, looking out of the window.

'Do you love me.' He asked quietly, I pursed my lips for a second. I pondered over his question for a minute or so, not sure how to answer. Although we'd been doing all of this stuff, and I'd loved every second of it, I had never thought about loving him. Of course I liked him, I admired him, and -forgive me for saying this- have quite a bit of lust regarding him, does that mean I love him? Why was he asking me such a difficult question after dating in such a short period of time?

'I don't know.' I answered honestly. Miles chuckled wryly and nodded.

'Me too.'

'But my big brother said you had to be in love to do it.' I said, twisting my fingers.

'That's for us to decide. But I'm sure it'll all work out.' He smiled, patting my knee, 'okay, then. Less of the heavy stuff, what about your childhood? Tell me it all.'

'You sound like pervert saying that, old man.' I giggled.

He mock-slapped me on the cheek.

'Okay, then, where to begin...'

'I've always lived in luxury lifestyle, I'd be what you'd call a "non-royal princess". I had and still have maids and butlers, I live in a mansion. I've even got a planned marraige(which I don't intent to do through). When I was little I was taught at home with Sam, and we were learning stuff people would learn in year eight at the age of ten. Even so, my intelligence has not improved at all. This disappointed my father and mother, so that's why they put me in class with Sam; in the dire hope he'd help me along better. But it didn't work, all we ended up doing was messing about,' I chuckled quietly at the memory, 'and so, ect, ect, when I was thirteen I was engaged and polished off to perfect -sort of. I really have lived a sheltered life since I was born, the only thing that showed me the outside world was the television I'd insisted I needed. That's why I can speak slang and stuff. Otherwise I'd be a right snob. But yeah, that's me.'


'I know. I'm a princess.'

'No your not, your just a spoilt kid,' Miles cackled, sliding onto the sofa cushions and slinging his arm around my shoulder.

'Now you tell yours!'

The End

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