As I told him slowly the events of earlier, I saw him begin to shake with fury and his cheeks went a little red. He looked up at me, grinding his jaw.

'Come with me,' he said, he quickly looked at the warden before saying, 'you are coming with me for a serious studying session, have you not been taking anything I've taught you seriously?' He growled, the warden heard this and gave a small nod; assured that we weren't going to do anything a teacher and a student shouldn't.

He didn't grab hold of my wrist and drag me towards the maths supply cupboard in the left side wing of the building until he was completely sure it was deserted. As we entered the pitch-black, enclosed space, his fingers wound through mine and we sank to the floor in a right embrace. And soon enough, I was sitting between his legs with my fingers entwined in his hair. It was such a relief to have familiar lips on my own, such familiar hands caressing my face and the curve of my hip.

After God-knows-how-long we broke apart, our breathing ragged, but satisfied.

'That's not the right way to fix an argument.' Miles mumbled, burying his face in the little nook of my collar bone.

'I think it's a brilliant way to solve an argument,' I smiled, although he couldn't see it in the darkness.

'Roi, I'm sorry.'

'It's cool.' I said cooly.

'But, even now, I can't help but think our relationship is mainly physical. The reason our argument was born was because we don't know anything about each other's past's, do we?' He sighed.

'Hmm. Well, Mr. Teacher, invite me over again this weekend and we'll talk all you want. I can claim I'm staying over at home, and BAM overnight stay.' I plotted slyly.

'Roi... We talked about this.'

'I never said anything about sex, idiot.' I grunted bluntly, making Miles jump at my forwardness.

'Well...' He huffed, 'neither did I.'

'You implied it though.' I snickered, poking his nose.

'Hey, since when did you know such words?'

'Since a certain man forced me to study every subject every week.' I muttered darkly, glowering at him.

'Fine, but if you "staying over at home", wont the school call your family?' Miles asked, removing his hands from my face and hair and wrapping them around my waist.

'My family... hmm... well, to them I'll be "at a friends house", wont I?' I grinned, 'so, wait? I'm staying over?'

'No! I meant for when... uhh... stop trapping me.'

'Boo.' I chided him, 'fine. I'll just go for the evening this time. But next time month be prepared, I'm coming at you full force.'

'Roi... we've only be going out for a week and a bit now! What did I say! I feel so immature rushing into like this.' Miles shifted around, I could only just make out the uncomfortable look on his tan face, and it made me feel guilty for not considering his feelings.

'Sorry.' I mumbled guiltily, 'sorry.'

'It's fine,' he sighed, cupping my face and bringing my face back to his.

Yeah, me and Miles, we're alright.

The End

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