I Hate HimMature

Miles Stevans

I got off the couch with a groan.I'd thought it through a million times upto now and arguing further with myself mentally would only increase my headache further. Stretching my arms causing some joints to pop, I hopped onto my feet with an alarming enthusiasm and started putting on my shoes.

Grabbing the car keys from the desk, I headed towards the door that would open up to the garage. Smiling dryly to myself, I got into the car and started the engine speeding out.

Whether Roi wanted to see me or not she was going to have to deal with it cause no matter how hard Sam was trying to break us up; he would never be able to do so. And if us remaining a couple were even possible through Sam's manipulations, we would have to make up with each other. And that's exactly what I'm going to do with her.


Parking the car into the residence lot, I got out the car swiftly and headed toward the building. The warden frowned when he saw me coming; maybe because of my regular visits.

"Let me guess, you'd like to see Roi?" He asked, eyebrow raised and I nodded, my lips turning upwards. "That's right Tom." Rolling his eyes at me, he mumbled to himself and I caught 'how many', 'boy' and 'stupid'. I wonder what made his mood turn sour. Leaning against the wall, I waited patiently and when I saw Roi come down the stairs silently behind Tom with her eyes red, the guilt inside me became higher. I was the cause of those tears. I shouldn't have been that mean with her before.

"May I have a moment?" I asked her politely, noticing the warden eyeing us. She nodded and followed me as I led her to a more private section within the building. Turning to her, my eyes filled with worry I said, "I'm so sorry about before, you know I didn't mean to d-"

"Sam came."

Hearing those two words come out her mouth, I completely froze and the apology I'd prepared in my mind vanished the second I heard his name. My hands unconciously turned into fists and Roi seeing this, looked up at me; her face twisted into an expression of disgust and anger.

"He...kind of took...'advantage' of me," she stuttered, pausing every few seconds and thinking as if the she was saying it the right way.

My eyes narrowed and I felt the anger erupt in my chest but this time I controlled it; not wanting to take it all out on her again.

"What did he do?"

She shook her head at me, looking down at the ground and no longer meeting my eyes. Cupping her chin, I tilted it upwards so her eyes met mine and asked her more softly, "What did Sam do?"

She opened her mouth and told me slowly and by the time she'd finished, I felt like I could murder him and didn't give a crap anymore about getting sacked.

The End

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