'Crap.' I hissed, grabbing each side of my head, 'no, no, no, no!'

'Roi?' Kaya called from out side the door, 'I swear there was just a guy coming from our room.'

'There was,' I agreed, opening the door for her. Her arms were laden with extra food which I'm guessing her parents had sent her via post.

I was shaking a little as I made my way towards the bathroom, 'but it's just Sam.' I whispered. Kaya made some "ooohlala" noises as I escaped into the white-tiled room. I shivered and sat down on the edge of our bath tub.

'Roi, you okay?'

'Yeah. Just off to the toilet.'


I gave her a fake embarrassed laugh and put my head in my hands. Why did Sam do that? Sam and I... had a strict sibling-like relationship. Nothing more nothing less, so why did he do those things which Miles has only done to me to me?

But why did he back me up against the wall and kiss me if we have that sort of relationship? I could scream, seriously. Why do men have to be so confusing? But thinking about this now, aren't I better off with Sam? Because I'm actually engaged to him, not Miles. But Miles is the one who makes my stomach go all tight and my pulse race in a nice way. But when Sam did those things, although it was sickeningly exciting to be harassed, I hated every second of  it.

I had I sudden urge to go find Miles, push him down and force him to remove Sam's lecherous touch from my skin. I touch my neck where he had kissed it. I rubbed my lips, it was painful, but I wasn't really thinking straight at the time. Tears flooded my ears, distorting my vision and sobs caught in my throat. I couldn't make too much noise or Kaya would get nosy; and would guess correctly on the whole "Sam" thing.

Why do I feel so sick, I mean, I read in books that you feel disgusted if someone who you don't bear love-like feelings for makes a move on you. But I didn't actually think that was the case!

Miles... come save me...

The End

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