No Longer Her 'Brother'Mature

Sam Evans

I quickly moved up the stairs of Roi's residence building, excited to see her. After threatening the warden to tell me her room number, I'd had all this pent up energy as I would be able to see her reaction to whatever must have sparked off between her and the pervert over the past hour. And if I come in as the source of comfort for her while she's probably crying her eyes out over her boyfriend's 'false' claims, it would be the perfect scenario.

I knocked on her room door with three quick raps.

"Go away!" I heard someone shout from inside and I replied with, "Roi, let me in! It's Sam."

After a few seconds, the door opened a little and I saw Roi peeking at me through the cracks. "What do you want?" She whispered, her voice sounding shaky. I pushed the door open and entered her room, quickly pulling her into my arms and giving her a hug.

"What happened?" I asked, voice coated with fake concern.

"Did you go and threaten my teacher?" A blunt statement; one I had expected to come from her. She pushed me away slightly and looked into my eyes, her green pools filled with doubt and slight anger. I, of course, shook my head, my forehead creasing and frowned.

"Why would you say that? Of course I didn't!"

"Well did you talk to him?"

I nodded at that and cocked my head to the lift, putting on a thoughtful expression. "Just pulled his leg, that's all. I took a picture off the internet and pranked him, saying it was you and him. You know me, I love a good laugh." I smiled at Roi but the smile faltered when she glared at me and pulled away from me.

"Why did you do that? You don't have any reason to! He's just my teacher!"

"Is he really?" I mocked her, my voice dripping with sarcasm and doubt.

Her lower lip trembled, sensing what I was playing at as she replied, "Yes he is."

"Well the way he looks at you clearly doesn't state a platonic relationship Roi. It's like he wants to get his hands on you in more ways than one." With every step I took forward, she took one back staring at me in a hostile manner, the trust in her eyes gone.

I waited till her back hit the wall before I placed each of my arms on either side of her face, leaning in. Her pond-green eyes were filled with panic as I closed my eyes and rested my chin on her shoulder, breathing in the scent of her hair.

"Because if you consider him your teacher, I'm sure you would have minded whenever he did this," I whispered, placing a soft kiss on her neck.


"Or this." I let my lips graze her trembling ones, capturing her mouth against mine. She didn't move and stayed like stone in her place. I sighed and my lips seperated from hers as I stepped back and gave her a grin.

"Just something to think about."

Without another word, I left the room not looking back; knowing that if I did I would have wanted to do more then just tease her.

The End

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