Stunned and UnsureMature

Miles Stevans

I was left standing stunned after Roi's outburst over me. Clearly, she didn't sound like she was going to forgive me any time soon, what with all the snappy remarks she'd given back. Sighing, I started walking back to the parking lot, going into my car and driving back home in silence. What was I going to do now?

Even if Roi didn't believe me what I said about her 'childhood friend' who is now magically her fiancee (much to my disgust), I had to do something about the threats he'd used against me. He really did want me to break up with her and by the hate I'd seen in his eyes when he spoke to me but that wasn't part of my agenda.

If only, I could threaten him someway, but I knew that was practically impossible since if they're both engaged, even if they did something 'sexual' at the least, their parents wouldn't really care.

I arrived at home, shutting the car door with a loud slam after parking it in the garage. Heading over to the main door, I jammed the key in and opened it, entering the house. Setting the briefcase on the ground, I collapsed on the couch with a huff and closed my eyes.

I care about Roi a lot and I'm definitely not going to lose her. But what was I going to do about her psychopath fiancee?

The End

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