My Side of the Story.Mature

I could have laughed the way Miles's mouth opened and closed like a fish at my comment. But I couldn't because he was still angry about the fact Sam was actually my fiance.

'Well, that's one thing cleared from my mind.' He grunted. Obviously feeling a little sheepish that he'd flared up so quickly at me. 'but what about him being your fiance? Why didn't you tell me this?'

'Because I'm not going to marry him.'

'Well, he seemed quite keen on that idea himself!' Miles snapped, 'what about that photo? He says he'll send it to everyone if we don't break up!'

'Sam would never do that, Miles! He would never do anything so mean!' I cried, anger boiled up inside me as my lover accused my make-shift brother of something unthinkable, 'it must be a misunderstanding!'

'Oh, so I'm lying?' Miles nearly shouted, making me shrink back against the wall.

'I said a misunderstanding... I never said you were lying. He must have gotten a picture online and showed it to you as a joke.' I whispered, not wanting to anger Miles more than I needed to.

'Oooh, Roi, Roi, Roi, Roi! How stupid can you get?! He was...' His voice trailed off as tears welled up in my eyes.

'Well sorry for not being as intelligent as you'd like me to be! And sorry for having a close childhood friend who wants to protect me from my over- bloody- protective boyfriend who is blowing off at me for nothing! And, oh yeah, I'm sorry that my dad's a rich business man so I have to get married to someone I don't want to marry when I turn twenty one!' I babbled, my voice raising dangerously high at the end. I wiped away my tears with the back of my had and stormed off back towards the dorms in a very childish manner.

Maybe I was better off with him!

The End

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